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Cryptocurrencies ~ No glass ceiling here

Why we accept cryptocurrencies as payment

We’re complete Cryptocurrency experts. We’ve been in it for less than a year and know everything there is to know about it.

Yup, I was told to be controversial, thought provoking and attention grabbing, in

writing this posts. If you’re still reading, thank you, there won’t be many of you, especially if you know anything about cryptos. Experts? One year!? It’s sort of like electricity, but with less case usage. I may have been switching on lights for well over a year now, but an expert? L . O . L

Another comparison could be the internet. In 1996 they were saying what is this tom foolery? No one’s going to do that … Weirdos. And now?

So, what are cryptocurrencies? Are they here to stay? We can only give our opinion and would really encourage comments, because, even with a healthy, daily learning obsession, there is so much to discover, but is it essential to fully understand it? I’m all over electricity and in fact, the internet but have no clue how they work and if they’re here to stay L . O . L

It’s probably clear that we believe in the value of cryptocurrencies, we accept them as an offline payment method. Some of our suppliers accept crypto as payment too. It is often so much more than a store of value, but that’s a good place to start.

People may fear that they will buy these pretend/ digital coins, then the whole thing, currently worth over $400 Billion, will disappear, implode, PoP into thin air. They fear that once in this dark place, there’s no getting it out.

Myth buster # 1 Not only can you spend Bitcoin and altcoins (cryptos that aren’t Bitcoin) on real life stuff, if you want to turn it back into money (fiat) you can, straight back to your bank account … unless you’re with Nationwide (bank), for some reason.

The fact that there is a least one altcoin being adopted by banks worldwide (XRP), should confirm, we no longer have to mention ‘The Dark Web’. It used to be said that crypto was used by criminals, for all things, well ... criminal. But

Myth buster # 2 They have probably moved on to something less talked about by now.

It’s so volatile” ~ It really has been and hopefully it will be again … it’s exciting. So long as you have only spent, what you’re willing to loose, for example, money you would have spent on cigarettes, cheap wine, gambling, bad quality food.

I was lucky, I invested a week of the food shopping budget, the kids were visiting a family member and I was on a water fast Win Win & Win. Within a few days, that money had doubled, I took out said grocery bill spend and since then, have been playing with pure ‘profit’.

Admittedly, that was right before it all went crazy, so even though it has dipped greatly, all our altcoins are worth more than when we bought them.

non Myth confirmation # 3 Hell Yes they’re volatile! Seriously exciting, so long as we’re in the GREEN and you haven’t invested your kids Christmas money/ collage fund.

Good time to mention THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE in case the superior fiduciary jargon has thrown you off.

Are cryptos here to stay? We think so, but not all of them. Some have no real life usage and therefore no value, some have no clever team behind them, a dodgy website and generally look silly. There are ways of making an informed decision and it’s possibly best to ‘play’ with altcons in the top 100 list (check for up to date listings) to start. Most importantly, do your research, check out YouTubers with experience and a big following, ones who have made their millions through crypto already (there are many). No one is an expert, but one thing is clear, if a big influencer says he or she likes an altcoin, there will be movement on the price.

The more it’s bought, the greater it’s value (GREEN/ price increase). People get excited, sell their ‘profit’ … as I did with the grocery shop spend and the price goes down (RED/ price decrease); those who believe in it, see these great low prices and buy more, making the price skyrocketed again … yep, you’ve guessed it, more GREEN and so on.

Good time for basic buying 101. Only buy when the coins are in the RED, never (if you can help it) buy in the GREEN because the likelihood of there being more RED is high apart from maybe, right now! Rumour has it (PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SPENDING) , there’s about to be a bull run (that means lots of GREEN, like we saw in December last year), so buying at the bottom of that GREEN mountain could be a great idea.

Now for some This Time Last Year facts & figures. The following chart is a comparison between Jan 2017 and Dec 2017, it’s not accurate to present day prices.

The other day, Adam shared some crypto news with me … from last week. Dude that news is so old, your grandma wrote to me about it at the weekend! Crypto news is old if it happened yesterday.

Closing note:

Even though Bitcoin is nearly 10 years old, it’s still very new, mass adoption hasn’t started yet, it’s not too late. The fact most shocking is that women are only 7% of the cryptosphere. There are more fresh out of school, just starting Uni kids (boys) trading than females right now. What’s that about? There are no rules, no one’s stopping us, there’s no glass ceiling here …. Seven percent? That doesn’t even make sense people.

Use the links below and you (and we) will receive up to $10/£7 of free bitcoin

Buy cryptocurrencies here:

Once bought, move them over to a reputable Exchange here, where you can buy smaller altcoins (everyone is looking for the coins that are going to Be the Next Bitcoin):

And here you can find more coins that you may not find on the exchange above:

Make sure you get Google Authenticator for extra security and (possibly a bit over cautious) but never trade on your phone. Check out YouTubers and DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Lets start a conversation, add, correct, inform, ask questions and explore possibilities, we're family X

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