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                                           Sustainable Packaging

We originally wanted to put bebambu marine collagen in bamboo canisters but logistics wouldn’t allow it … irregular sizes; impossible to close effectively; having to supply an inner pouch for hygiene and that general 80’s Hawaiian cocktail vibe, none of it worked. But we always disliked plastic tubs.

The sustainable packaging was to make up for our single-serve stick packs, our BamBu Stix; practical, stylish, unique (at the time) but in no way recyclable.

Some of you (who follow @bebambu on Instagram) may remember when I legged it to China, to buy our industrial, stick pack, filling machine, directly from the factory … a seriously fun and exhausting 4.5 days!


We filled 1000’s of stick packs. They were pretty popular but we always also felt guilty. I tried to make a shower curtain from a few (100) empty packs. It became the running joke, what could we make? Socks, t-shirts? The idea was to ask customers to return their empties OR prizes for unique creative inventions.

So, now, we don’t want to throw BamBu Stix away … environmentally, it would be the same as you throwing your empties away. AND there’s no denying, single-serve packs of collagen is a genius idea, for every time you feel like having a protein boost, forgot to take it in the morning  or just want to share one. We’re thinking, giveaways, advertising, collaborations … please, watch this space.


We’re very happy with the amber glass jars and with the fact that we finally found the good compostable refill pouches. Each pouch takes 10 weeks to decompose fully. We’re happy to be supporting other small businesses by purchasing them (the jars and the pouches) and we really hope you find it helpful (and won't mind) that the pouches can only be ordered online and via subscription as we can’t have stores of them pre-filled, due to the nature of the compostable material. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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