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Black Privilege?

I think it will be clear (for those who don’t know us personally) when you read on ...

There is no ignoring what’s going on ‘currently’. I have been hesitant in using #supportblackbusineses but here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone is asking for special treatment.

Why not support and share the Black-owned businesses you already love? Be open to hearing about the ones you don’t know about, that are recommended by friends and family, BECAUSE they’re great?

Here are four of our favourites, that we love and who we’d go to, whatever colour the owner was

  1. bebambu.

Yep! I was born in London, both parents from Grenada (my mother is mixed race, half French half Caribbean).

If you buy collagen and like our premium grade products (we seriously, only buy the best quality ingredients!) why not stick with bebambu and tell your friends and family about us?

We use wild-caught, deep-sea sourced fish; our collagen is made from skin, not scales. Bovine (from cows) collagen is cheaper, but three times less bioavailable (meaning you need three times the amount for the same results ... but it's from cows). Collagen made from fish skin, not scales is less processed (more gentle hydrolysing procedure) and therefore, quality is less compromised. Wild-caught, deep-sea fish are healthier, happier, stronger than farmed fish!

2. Elsa’s (Natural deodorant)

Have you switched to natural deodorant yet? There are many reasons to do so immediately (I’ll let you do your research).

When I was a personal trainer, deodorant was the only product I didn’t have a natural option for

“Those things don’t work and I’m certainly not going to start experimenting now” … I trained clients seven days per week. Then, one day at a natural health and beauty show, I encountered a beautiful woman, so confident that her product would work on me, I decided to try it. We, as a family, have never turned back to toxic, chemical deodorants since.

There are many more on the market now, but I’m loyal to the Elsa’s brand because it really does work (I once received another brand in a subscription box … it did not work!); the packaging is great, they are reliable and I love her story.

3. Liha (skincare)

I love shea butter, it’s rich, creamy, smells of white chocolate and is indulgent. I've never actually bought products from this brand, but have somehow wrangled my kids into buying from them, for Mother’s Day! Pretty packaging, great service, outstanding products.

4. Malorie Blackman (author)

My kids favourite primary school author. When lots of kids were playing on their gadgets, mine were glued to books (don’t worry, they have other failings!). At the top of both their lists was this Great British author, writing about ‘science fiction to explore social and ethical issues’. Appropriate for ages 8-12 yrs

what we stand for

Boys Don’t Cry;

Black & White;

Double Cross;

Knife Edge

I look forward to growing a bigger list to share with you. Would love if you have any businesses/favourite products, that we can add here.

Thank you for your loyalty. Please feel free to unsubscribe or unfollow if any of this makes you uncomfortable … or to share and shed light.


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