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BeBamBu Story



Japanese Proverb:
"The winds may fell the massive oak, but bamboo, bent even to the ground, will spring upright after the passage of the storm."


We are a team of health and fitness coaches, who want to get our hands on more people.  Ask Michelle which superpower she would like, she'll tell you ~ to heal people ~ not in a 1980's Miss World,

"I want to stroke puppies and help old people cross the road " manner and not in a lycra and big pants way either. We do it already, every trainer and health coach who loves their job does. Our purpose is to enrich clients' lives, through their health and fitness. The issue is, we're limited to one client or small group at a time. The need for change kept increasing for us. It has become our mission, we want to touch more people ... not in a ...

It was Michelle who discovered our super turbo marine collagen ...

  if everyone knew about this stuff, they'd be healthier, happier ... stronger .

And why BamBu? Why Be? In one of his lessons about life, Bruce Lee gave an incredible interview, he talked about the ebb and flow of life, he said

  Be water my friend  ...

Not wanting to change anything, but to add to it, we looked for another metaphor. Look at bamboo, look at it's strength, it's flexibility, it's vast growth, it's versitilty. Check out the blog post. We also like the look of the original spelling.


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