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I did a 21 day Water Fast (no food) so I would have something interesting to blog about ...

Then life happened and I forgot all about it. Why have I remembered now? I’m considering doing it again.

Story in Short

I consumed nothing but water for 21 days, no tea or coffee, no smoothies, no green juice, only water. I stopped feeling hungry after four days. On Day 22 I consumed homemade fish broth all day, followed by three days in Greece. I felt incredible.

The Back Story

At the start of last summer (June 2020) I found myself in the back of an ambulance, after being refused entry to a walk-in clinic (pandemic). I had the classic movie signs of a disastrous heart issue … the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest, numb left arm and could not catch my breath THEY STILL WOULDN’T LET ME IN. So I called an ambulance, whilst standing in the middle of Soho Square. I told the kids I was going to buy water (as an independent mother, there is no time for adult drama!).

In June 2020 the rate of hospital visits ending well was less than favourable. We’d come to the realisation that it could take longer than three months to all go away … the paramedics gave me the choice

“We’ll have to put you in a covid ward if we take you into hospital”

* I didn’t have any symptoms, the paramedics even took off their masks *

I stayed in the ambulance with them checking me over and was home 90 minutes later. The kids were none the wiser and I was a little more chilled with my actions for the rest of the week.

It was this incident that inspired the 21 Day Water Fast … plus the need to shed a whole bunch of lockdown weight.

The Fast


It was easier than expected. Hunger dissipates after a few days. I felt weak occasionally, resulting in me not exercising. One brisk 15 minute walk ended in a 3 minute Uber ride home. How do you explain that? I didn't, I did not care, it was that or have a nap on the pavement. The lack of daily physical activity lead to unsettled sleep. No need to wonder why numbers for sleep deprivation have gone up in the last year. Yes, many are working out more than ever but, movement throughout the day became limited.

Several books could be written about the psychological and spiritual effects that come with a water fast. My thought process at the time was

"I'll never forget this, I'll write about it later"

I haven't forgotten a thing but the poetry in the moment was immense. It was like having a brand new set of eyes, capable of seeing through words, intent and occasionally walls!

The Good, the Bad, the Will Do Better


My health has greatly improved. Apparently, my ambulance stint was Long Covid related. Nearly everything feels considerably better.

I lost some Lockdown pounds, not as much as you’d think. Have regained some back, but not all.

I’m impressed with how focused and determined I can be. If anything feels difficult these days, my pep talk is

“You didn’t eat for 21 days, you’ve got this”


Preparation is key. Without the help of a few colonic sessions, I may not have gone to the bathroom for over 21 days (TMI). I missed taking collagen; although my skin was glowing from all the water and rest, it did seem to miss that dewy look collagen can give. I used to be an A* Plus sleeper, that came to a screeching halt.


Preparation is key:

More movement; breath work; pre fast fibre; massage and pampering is essential and taking at least 14 days to re feed mindfully!

As mentioned above, I ended the fast with a sprint to Greece, when there was a tiny window that allowed it. Greece has never been on my Must Do List, but it was permitted, it was essential that I put my feet in the sea and all the tourists were leaving the day we arrived! It was the ultimate isolation plan.

I was mindful; eating only fish or lamb with salad. No wine, no desert, no coffee, but the more effective plan would have been at least 7 days of broth only.

The most difficult bit is the decision to begin.

There is one secret that made it easy. It’s simple and free. I’m not going to add it here, because this cleanse isn’t recommended for everyone.


The other reason for writing about this, it wasn’t so interesting after all, was knowing that at the end of this blog post I would decide if I want to do it again.

The conclusion?

I’m going to take a different approach.

Five days of prep: Lots self care; celery juice, smoothies and broth.

Five days Water Only Fast

Five days of Fish Broth

I may keep a journal this time … let me know if you’re curious x

The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice.


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