BeBamBu Marine Collagen

Our hydrolysed Marine Collagen comes from  wild caught, deep sea fish, removing all possibility of exposure to antibiotics or hormones, as farmed fish often are. We are very proud of our superior grade  collagen. BeBamBu collagen is made from fish skin, rather than fish scales, meaning a more gentle process is needed to produce it, in turn, maintaining the integrity of our products.

Hydrolysing collagen is the process that ensures better digestion and therefore a high level of bioavailability, due to the smaller particles. Marine collagen is absorbed 1.5  times more efficiently than animal source collagen, namely bovine and porcine, therefore entering the bloodstream more quickly. It is considered the best source of collagen for medicinal purposes; theses facts are reflected in the price. You really do get what you pay for.

BeBamBu Marine Collagen,  is type l and type III, indicating that it comes from fish skin, rather than type II that is sourced from cartilage. Type II  is  ideal for human cartilage damage repair. 

Type I & III fish collagen is a complex protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of  skin, hair, nails, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints, eyes, gums, heart and blood vessels.


We are now seeing a significant rise in the use of collagen peptides as the new, more effective protein powder. As more research is released, we predict an escalation in the consumption of this superfood, whereby it will be found as an add-in to many health foods. Always ensure yours comes form a good source.

Daily Recommendation

We recommend 10g per day at first. 5g/ a rounded teaspoon, taken once in the morning and again, last thing at night. 

Eventually, 5g is a good maintenance dose.

Mix into a hot or cold drink ; some say it works even better on an empty stomach. As time goes on, 5g per day can be good enough for everyone, as collagen consumption encourages the production of our own collagen. In water, it dissolves clear.


                                                                              10g per day to Boost

                                                                         5g per day for Maintenance 

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