Introducing Our New Blends 

We've been busy looking at our packaging. When we started out, all we wanted to do was offer a non plastic tub option (with the very best quality collagen), plus have some stick packs for convenience, to help us all keep on track, so we could fill our pockets, glove compartment, gym locker, desk, good for traveling or if we forgot our morning boost. 

We were happy with the pouches and BamBu Stix but neither are recyclable, sorry. We're still working on it ... we're nearly there but for now, we have these. Drum Roll Please 

They come in a pack of three Healthy, Happy, Strong. We recommend Healthy for the morning, Strong at night and Happy for any time you please.

Before your stash is finished, come back here to order your compostable refill pouch (available soon) or order the same again, if you're an avid jar collector.

Stockists will only sell our jars. You'll find the refills right here or you can subscribe.

By soon the jars will be bigger, you'll be able to order just one, to last a whole month and ... another drum roll please ... by taking advantage of this festive offering, you'll know which one you prefer.

The new superfoods on our block are 

                                                                    Chlorella       Healthy

                                                                    Camu Camu  Happy

                                                                    Reishi            Happy

                                                                    Inulin            Strong

                                          (click on each to find out what they do - why we chose them)

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