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all that glisters is not gold … sometimes it’s silver

Our conversation with a certified colloidal silver (C.S) manufacturer started in 2004. The founder of the company, (now a friend) an architect and reiki healer, was so passionate and focused on all of his businesses, his passion became ours. We have watched the love-hate attention Colloidal Silver has faced from the media and pharmaceutical companies over this time. Never knowing when to bring it to market, but in the background, always using it for ourselves and the children … that shnit works!

As soon as news of the novel coronavirus hit, it was the first thing we went to the good health food shops to pick up! Getting it from our South East Asian source was already too late …

Every shop had sold out when you could still buy toilet paper, when it was already difficult to get hold of vitamins C & D, C.S was GONE! I had a moment of anger (I really don’t like being slow on the uptake) thinking,

“will this virus just take out those not in the know?”

… Was everyone being informed about everything that can be done, to brace ourselves for this pandemic?”.

I made friends with the supplements staff in each shop and finally got the call when there was a stock of

“The Ferrari of colloidal silvers” he told me as he handed it over. We both did several seal claps and a squeal. Yep, that was sold out by the end of the day (I went back to get a spare).

So what is this mineral water I speak of?

Colloidal silver is a natural mineral that helps the immune system fight bacterial infections and viruses by suffocating and therefore, inhibiting the growth of their cell walls. Nanoparticles of silver found in colloidal silver boost white and red blood cell production, which aid in immune function and healthy oxygen flow in the body. In a study, at Syracuse Medical University, researchers found that individuals prone to frequent colds and infections had the lowest level of silver in their bodies. A daily colloidal silver supplement can drastically decrease the severity of a cold and also speed up the healing process. It’s recommended adults take 1-3 teaspoons of colloidal silver daily to ward off infection.

Before the birth of antibiotics, silver was used in hospitals, to kill bacteria, viruses and heal wounds. In domestic life, before fridges, a silver coin was placed in jugs of milk, to keep it for going off. And then there are vampires … (just checking you’re still paying attention).

The lab tests done on our architect sourced c.silver came back as an established kill of 99.9% of every known virus and bacteria. But this UK lab tech also warned us that before the year was out, we would not be able to make the obvious claims about it, due to a global law that had already been passed. New Zealand was the only country to reject the new law.

We are not here to be political. He advised us we could call it mineral water and still show people that, in a spray bottle, it will kill surface germs, clear up acne and be THE baddest hand sanitiser ever.

“People in the know will still take it orally as medicine … you just won’t be able to make any claims on the label”

Take a look at a bottle of colloidal silver in a shop (if you can find any). Some will actually say

“We’re not permitted to tell you what this does, ask the staff or a natural health practitioner”

I’m not sure what the campaign against C.S is about. There is talk about argyria, a condition whereby the C.S consumer turns bluish grey, all over, permanently.

In a 2012 study (1) a woman who had consumed 423ml of C.S per day for eight months, was treated for acute psychosis. She had no other health issues and no history of previous mental or physical illness. On discovering her new habit, tests were done. The outcome established, in her consumption of the large quantities of C.S, her natural copper stores were deplete, causing the psychosis. She was kept in hospital and treated; after several weeks, the high levels of silver were greatly reduced and her mental state renewed. There was no indication of a change of skin colour. 423ml per day.

In July 2008 a paper (2) was written about a child with lung disease in cystic fibrosis. He was treated with colloidal silver; all other meds were eventually removed, whereby he led the life of a healthy child. There was one relapse, where the administration of c.silver was stopped for one month. When c.s treatment was reintroduced, his health markers were once more improved.

Whatever we are being asked to believe, reading what others have experienced, despite the sudden campaign against it, is fascinating (3).

From Dr. Marcial­ Vega:

“Effectiveness in a study on mice

Some reports highlight nebulisation as a potentially effective administration method against respiratory infections such as colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and sinusitis

In October 2001 the prestigious Health Sciences Institute pointed out that direct nebulisation of colloidal silver into the lungs is one of the fastest ways of effectively eliminating serious upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia

A clinical study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine and University of Akron, Ohio, presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society, was carried out on mice. In this study, the inhalation of silver nanoparticles seemed to provide significant protection against pneumonia

In fact, it was noted that the mice deliberately infected with pneumonia bacteria easily survived the infection, if they inhaled silver nanoparticles once per day. The mice that had not inhaled silver nanoparticles all died as a consequence of the infection.”

N.B Colloidal Silver has been a common recommendation for newborn babies with conjunctivitis in hospitals and at home globally.

Finally, we have been looking at colloidal copper for a much shorter period of time.

A paper written in 2015, from Southhampton University talks about copper and (a past) Coronavirus:

"Human coronavirus, which also has ancestral links with bat-like viruses responsible for SARS and MERS, was found to be permanently and rapidly deactivated upon contact with copper. What's more, the viral genome and structure of the viral particles were destroyed, so nothing remained that could pass on an infection. With the lack of antiviral treatments, copper offers a measure that can help reduce the risk of these infections spreading."

Orders made from now until the end of May will arrive with a sample (10ml) bottle of either colloidal silver, colloidal copper, or our new liquid chlorophyll. We’ve been thinking about it for the longest time and would love to hear your thoughts. The C.S will be a 5-10 ppm solution in distilled water (a Rolls Royce of colloidal silvers). The ‘mineral water’ will be a fantastic hand sanitiser if nothing else … one that will not dry out your hands, not contain toxic chemicals, not weaken your immune through overuse and not disrupt your hormones.

And really finally, we have sourced a patented reusable, cotton face mask, lined with silver fiber, that comes with two certified KN95 filters. The mask is washable, the filters should not be washed but can be reused and replaced.

These will only be sold at this time, whilst it's deemed prudent to wear them. We’re limiting orders to two per order until we purchase more.

For more info and to order here




Below are a few links that will dispute/ dispel the information shown above. Anywhere on the internet, you can find articles ‘proving’ that eating green veg is bad for you, drinking water is dehydrating and exercise of any kind, harmful. It is important to do your research, find more than one source and then follow your instincts. Does it resonate with you, does it ring true?

Let's keep washing our hands, taking in good nutrients, especially vitamins C & D, omega 3, getting daily exercise, laughing and staying home, for now.

Much Love

Any product recommendation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our statements and information have not necessarily been evaluated by the Food Standards Agency. Do Not consume colloidal silver.


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