Our cotton face mask has patent pending silver fibre lining, making it anti bacterial and  antiviral. It's certified KN95 (N95) filter is easily inserted (each mask is sold with two filters). It is q 95% filter system agains 0.03 particles.  The fabric is also moisture-wicking and the inner seams minimised to prevent pressure markings on the face. Additional N95 filters, when needed, are available all over the internet (we like selling supplements, but this mask is very good  ... we love silver linings). 

The cotton mask is washable, dries quickly and fits snuggly. Currently only available in black, we're open to suggestions.

Will not steam glasses up as it is fully breathable and is lightweight. 

Even a cotton scarf gives 64% protection, that's 64% better than nothing. We're here if you want to take it another 31% .


Reusable Cotton Face Mask with Silver Fiber Lining & (K)N95 Filter


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