Try our two new blends. Only available in our compostable pouches for now.


Cacao is perfect for the morning. Turn your coffee into a health and beauty mocha elixir. Contains Fair Trade, organic Cacao; caramel tasting superfood Lucuma; monk fruit to sweeten but not spike blood sugar. This rich, chocolatey collagen blend can be added to milk, making a tasty hot/ cold chocolate, or into a smoothie, with nut butter and your choice of milk.


Chill is great at any time but will support deep restorative sleep if taken at night. You can read more about it in this blog post 


Taking 2 x teaspoons of  Cacao & Chill (day and night) will give you 10g of collagen, the dose recommended to boost visible, lasting effects.  

Cacao & Chill

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