Studies have shown that fish collagen has a positive effect on human collagen synthesis and collagen quality. Researchers also found that fish collagen was helpful in bone regeneration and healing, increasing bone density, providing anti-inflammatory properties and therefore greatly benifiting the treatment of osteoarthritis. Additionally, collagen is essential to wound healing and so it makes sense that having more collagen in the body, will ensure the job is done more efficiently.


Gut Health

Food allergies and intolerances generally stem from a condition called leaky gut syndrome, whereby the gut lining has tiny perforations that toxins are able to pass through. The consumption of collagen acts as a sealing and healing, protective lining, making symptoms a thing of the past. 


Power of  Protein

Our collagen is over 97% protein, with no sugar, carbohydrates or fats, making it one of the very best sources of pure protein on the planet. By consuming fish collagen, you can avoid muscle loss, improve your workouts, have better post workout recovery and assist with weight management due to the satiating benefits when added to any drink


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